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Apr 14, 2023

Housing Construction Not Keeping Up With Demand

Despite rising population and growing demand, more housing was constructed in Canadian cities during the 1970s than what is presently being built, says a Fraser Institute study. “The reality is simple: Canada is not building enough homes to keep up with population growth or basic demand,” says Steve Lafleur, a senior fellow with the institute and co-author of ‘Canada’s Housing Mismatch: Canadians want ground-oriented homes, but not enough are being built.’ Despite strong demand, ground-oriented housing completions declined during the 2010s, alongside a general national decline in housing completions compared to the 1970s. “Not only is there a widespread shortage of housing, but there is a growing mismatch between the housing types being built and those preferred by Canadians,” says Josef Filipowicz, a senior fellow at the institute and study co-author. “Clearly we should focus on the causes and consequences of this mismatch, as well as solutions for Canadians now and in the future.”

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