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Jan 19, 2024

IKEA Canada looks at what makes people enjoy life at home

Sustainability and tidiness are two key elements to feeling positive about life at home, says IKEA Canada’s 10th annual Life at Home Report. The report, with connected with more than 37,000 people in 38 countries including 1,000 participants from Canada, shows 74 percent of people who think their home helps them live sustainably feel positive about their current life at home. As well, 40 percent say that having a tidy and organized home helps them to feel most content and at ease at home and 34 percent say their ideal home must help them be physically or mentally stronger. 

The retailer says it plans to get to know Canadians better through the ICEA Home Visit program, which will commence this spring. Through this program, IKEA Canada representatives across home furnishing and retail design teams will visit hundreds of Canadians in their homes, both in person and virtually, to learn how they truly live at home, their needs, dreams, and challenges. 

These home visits and the Life at Home Report help IKEA to understand what ‘Life at Home’ truly means to people and to develop solutions that may help the many Canadians deal with the common tensions faced at home such as doing more versus doing less, togetherness versus privacy, and living well versus living within our means. These insights also help to inspire the creation of new home furnishing solutions in IKEA stores and other touch points in the brand's ongoing ambition to help improve life at home for the many Canadians. 

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