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Sept 13, 2023

IKEA Canada opens Quebec distribution centre

IKEA Canada has opened a combination distribution centre and customer distribution centre in Beauharnois, QC, to enhance its operational efficiency and provide increased service to its retail locations and customers. The state-of-the-art facility will play a pivotal role in streamlining IKEA's logistics operations, ensuring that products reach customers' homes with increased speed and accuracy. It will utilize automated storage and retrieval systems and automated goods-to-person picking and packing solutions.

The facility also represents IKEA Canada’s commitment to sustainability by reducing transport distances and emissions by storing more products and bringing the retailer closer to its customers. Additionally, the Beauharnois location was awarded LEED Silver certification and is equipped with 20 electric vehicle chargers for co-workers and guests. The retailer will also install 15 electric vehicle chargers for commercial fleets by the end of the year.

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