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Jan 19, 2023

INEO Adds Loss Prevention To Welcoming System

INEO Tech Corp. has launched an RFID (radio frequency identification) enabled version of its INEO Welcoming System. The system, which combines loss prevention and digital signage, is now able to detect products tagged with RFID technology. This lets retailers know not only that an item is being stolen, but also exactly which item is being stolen. When an RFID tagged item leaves the store without having been paid for, an alarm goes off and the system captures video of the security event as well as displays the item which has not been paid on screen in real time. It also alerts store staff about the merchandise which is exiting the store. The system will still detect traditional tags and labels in the 8.2MHz and the 58KHz frequencies making it backward compatible for stores using traditional RF tags/labels alongside the new RFID tags/labels.

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