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Apr 27, 2023

Infosys works with Walmart to help retailers

Digital services provider Infosys is collaborating with Walmart Commerce Technologies to help retailers with their omnichannel businesses. Infosys will help retailers implement and use the Store Assist app, which will assist retailers to optimize in-store fulfilment by increasing picking accuracy, speed, and efficiency. As well, store associate productivity can be enhanced through order queueing, multi-order batch picking, and prioritized pick paths. It features a handoff experience between employees and customers, whether they're picking up orders in-store or curb side, having them shipped, or getting last-mile delivery – all while letting businesses maintain control of their customers' experience. Store Assist is a lightweight, cloud-based, API-first solution that integrates into a retailer's existing commerce or order management system platform, including dedicated integrations with out-of-the-box capabilities for Salesforce and Adobe customers. The Store Assist app is built on the same fulfilment technology that Walmart stores leverage, giving retailers access to decades of operating expertise.

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