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Nov 21, 2022

Kohler Partners With Designer Nada Debs

Kohler has partnered with artist/designer Nada Debs, whose custom hammam (Arabic word for a religiously significant steam bath or a place of public bathing) will be displayed at ‘Design Miami/2022.’ Kohler's presentation of ‘Transcendence by Nada Debs’ along with various onsite and digital activations, pays homage to cultural inclusivity, environmental sustainability, and heritage through design and innovation. The hammam highlights Debs' ability to distil culture and craftsmanship to create emotional resonance married with Kohler's design and material expertise. The hammam is constructed from hand-crafted custom tiles designed by Debs and the Kohler WasteLAB team. The design of the WasteLAB tile mimic the arch aesthetic of traditional hammams and offers a visual parallel between the rebirth of waste material and the spiritual and emotional rejuvenation that hammam guests experience.

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