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May 4, 2023

Kress products available in Canada

The Kress 40V and 60V lines of outdoor power equipment are now available at dealerships across Canada and the US. The Kress 40V line of outdoor power equipment is supported by 20V Kress Pack lithium-ion batteries, designed to be combined for higher power output and longer runtimes. With options for 2Ah, 4Ah, and 8Ah, the Kress 40V line can be customized to the job at-hand. The 40V line of outdoor power equipment includes the 15” line trimmer, 14” chainsaw, and 24” hedge trimmer. The 60V ‘prosumer’ line of outdoor power equipment is supported by Kress 60V lithium-ion batteries and consists of the 850CFM axial blower, 750CFM axial blower, 16” line trimmer, 16” carbon fibre line trimmer, 16 and 18” chainsaws, and 21” push mower. The products are all equipped with Kress-built brushless motors and are customizable to fit any home landscaping need.

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