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Aug 22, 2023

Kress unveils new robotic lawn mowers with RTKn and MAP™ tech

Kress, a European outdoor power equipment manufacturer, has introduced its new range of robotic lawn mowers integrated with advanced positioning technology. The Kress real-time kinematic network (RTKn) in combination with Mowing Action Plan (MAP™) technology introduces satellite-precise multizone management, enabling systematic parallel or diagonal mowing. 


Operating on Kress's proprietary RTK network, the Mission RTKn Robotic Mower eliminates the need for boundary wires. With centimeter-level accuracy, it conducts noiseless and clean mowing across areas ranging from three-quarters to nine acres, marking a leap forward in unmanned mowing technology. The Mission mowers require a one-time virtual mapping and can be scheduled for automatic mowing, utilizing the Regenerative Brake System (RBS™) for extended battery life and IPX5-rated washable underbody. Equipped with an unprecedented Obstacle Avoidance System (OAS), these mowers adeptly navigate driveways and pathways while learning optimal routes for efficient cuts.


"At Kress, we have designed an autonomous mower that mows like you, without you. The Mission mower performs the mundane task of mowing with exacting accuracy that provides beautiful results," said Todd Zimmerman, vice president of product development. "The Mission RTKn mower will exceed the expectations of anyone who takes lawn care seriously, from homeowners to facilities managers at sites such as golf courses, municipalities and universities."

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