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Sept 1, 2022

Labour Shortage Persists As Business Obstacle

Recruiting skilled employees is expected to be an obstacle over the next three months for 38.7 per cent of all businesses, says Statistics Canada’s ‘Canadian Survey on Business Conditions.’ This is led by those in construction (51.1 per cent). In addition, labour force shortages are expected to be an obstacle for close to two-fifths (37.1 per cent) of businesses. Of businesses that expect to have labour-related obstacles (shortage of labour force, recruiting skilled employees, or retaining skilled employees) over the next three months, 61.8 per cent report that challenges related to recruiting and retaining staff are more challenging than 12 months ago. In terms of vacant positions, 8.2 per cent of businesses expect to have more job vacancies over the next three months, relatively unchanged from 8.8 per cent of businesses in the second quarter.

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