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May 29, 2024

Mean Green debuts EVO 96, setting a new standard in electric mowers

Mean Green has unveiled the world’s largest electric zero-turn mower, the EVO 96, expanding its commercial-grade electric mower lineup. Launched on May 20, this 96-inch wide-area mower is ideal for large properties, such as golf courses, parks, and athletic fields.

The EVO 96 features a mulching rear discharge deck with electronic folding wings, reducing its width for easy transport. It mulches 80% of grass clippings, discharging the rest evenly. Equipped with a 44kWh battery, it can operate for up to eight hours. The mower’s lightweight aluminum chassis, patented battery placement for hillside stability, and top speed of 13 mph enhance its efficiency.

Michael Hoban, vice president at Generac, highlighted the mower’s significance for the golf and landscape markets. The EVO 96 comes with a 5-year limited battery and mower warranty.

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