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Apr 2, 2024

Miele Canada launches annual Miele Forest Initiative

Premium domestic appliance manufacturer Miele Canada has kicked off its third annual Miele Forest Initiative, which helps preserve and restore Canada's rich forest ecosystem. Between April 1 and June 30, every Miele dishwasher purchased in Canada directly contributes to protecting and planting trees in Canadian forests.

The brand is once again partnering with LivClean, an organization dedicated to responsible business movement that supports retailers in their goals of reaching carbon neutrality. Through LivClean, along with partnerships with the Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative (CFN), Anew, and Carbon Farmer, Miele will support forest carbon capture by planting new trees and preserving existing old growth forests in British Columbia and Saskatchewan.

Since the initiative's inception in 2022, 5,682,000 kilograms of CO2 have been offset, which is the equivalent of nearly 57,000 trees planted. These efforts amount to 175,000 years of dishwashing, eliminated emissions produced by more than 1,100 cars, offset emissions from 345 air passenger trips around Earth, and more than 2,000 acres of trees growing for one year. Upon purchasing a dishwasher from a Miele Chartered Agent, Miele Experience Centre, or on, Miele customers will have the opportunity to track their contribution and symbolically plant and name a tree in the Miele Virtual Forest. 


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