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Nov 16, 2022

Mobile Offers Relationship Building Opportunities

With most (95 per cent) consumers making retail purchases on their smartphones and 78 per cent wanting to use mobile messaging with retail companies for convenience, the next wave of commerce is building relationships with consumers on their mobile phones, says the ‘Chat Commerce Trends Report: Retail Edition’ from Clickatell, a chat commerce business messaging company. As retailers head into the holiday season and shift strategies to handle changing consumer shopping habits, brands are examining how rich, mobile-first commerce experiences can help attract customer loyalty. The report says that 69 per cent of participants want to receive order updates via mobile message, 52 per cent would like to use mobile messaging to track loyalty benefits or inquire about loyalty programs, and 47 per cent would like to use mobile messaging to connect with a customer service agent. Younger generations have the highest interest in using mobile messaging with a retail brand, specifically 92 per cent of Gen Z and 95 per cent of Millennials. The report also highlights a distinct opportunity to offer personalized deals and promotions through mobile channels, as consumers continue to grow cautious of high costs during this upcoming holiday season.

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