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Oct 4, 2023

Mr Bin Inc joins Castle Building Centre

Castle has announced Mr Bin Inc as its newest dealer in Toronto, Ontario to join the group. With the new alliance, the independent retailer will be focusing on the LBM side of their business. The group has described Mr Bin Inc to have a unique business model with three separate entities: LBM, hardscapes, and construction disposal services. Founded in 2019, Mr Bin Inc has since grown “exponentially" and its shareholders are deeply entrenched in the Chinese community. 


“Our business, and our community is unique and we needed to be aligned with a group that understood this,” said Tony Tan, partner. “The more we learned about Castle and how they support the independent, the more we knew they were the right fit.” 


“Castle represents a unique and compelling option to independents, one that is focused solely on the success of the entrepreneur. For Castle, the phrase 'You are the Brand' is more than a slogan, its our commitment to empowering the success of our members in every element of their unique businesses,” said Ken Jenkins, president and CEO of Castle. 

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