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Dec 14, 2022

Neutral Colours To Dominate 2023 Exterior

Most homeowners would lighten up their exteriors with trending neutral colours if they were going to update their home exterior in 2023, says a survey by exterior building products company Alside. The most popular colour for the home exterior is off-white/cream (20 per cent) followed by white (14 per cent). Light gray is preferred by 12 per cent of homeowners, light brown by 11 per cent, and medium blue by nine per cent. “The farmhouse trend is driving more of the preference of homeowners choosing white and light colours. It’s possible, too, that cost may be a driver,” says Chase Creighton, business director, vinyl and composite cladding at Alside. “As building materials prices have risen, consumers may have gravitated toward lower cost options and away from premium colours.”

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