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Oct 17, 2023

Retail platform designed to improve efficiencies

Digital solution provider Zebra Technologies Corporation has unveiled Zebra Workcloud, a purpose-built suite of enterprise software applications.  

Primarily serving the retail, banking, and healthcare industries, Zebra Workcloud helps enterprise leaders engage and retain workers, foster collaboration, improve inventory management and forecasting as well as streamline replenishment and loss prevention. The platform works natively with Zebra devices, and it is designed to be the destination solution for frontline worker optimization. The product is designed to create faster deployments, quicker time-to-value, and stronger investment returns. 

Zebra Workcloud is made up of specialized suites of solutions that digitize workflows for the most critical functions of a modern enterprise: workforce optimization, enterprise collaboration, inventory optimization, and demand intelligence. Each suite provides modular solutions that align to business priorities and make it easy to scale.  

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