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Apr 6, 2023

Retailer Mobile App Use Continues Growth

Almost 80 per cent of consumers use retailers’ mobile apps either more often or about the same as last year, a trend that extends across age groups and household income levels, says research from mobile app experience company Airship. Generationally, 81 per cent of Millennials and 79 per cent of Gen X use retail apps more or about the same as last year, followed by 72 per cent of both Gen Z and Boomers. High household incomes lead in regular use of retail apps at 82 per cent, followed by 79 per cent of medium and 75 per cent of low income levels. For most countries and generations, the likelihood of using a retailer’s app while shopping in-store is only a few percentage points behind visiting the retailer’s website despite first having to download the app. Mobile apps have an inherent advantage to reach people wherever they are at the exact moment it matters most as notifications are served up on smartphone lock screens, says Airship. Consumers are motivated to opt in to receive brand communications on their smartphone by discounts, loyalty rewards, and offers personalized to browsing behaviours, past purchases, and current location.

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