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Oct 18, 2022

RONA Stores Use New Technology

JRTech Solutions, a Canadian provider of electronic shelf labels (ESLs), has secured agreements to install its latest generation of fully graphic Pricer labels, SmartTAG Power+ and Pricer's Plaza SaaS cloud platform, at 24 independently-owned RONA hardware stores across Canada. Given the growing need for technological aid within the physical retail sector, the move of multiple RONA affiliated dealer stores is consistent with other banners. Hardware stores have especially seen the need to adopt new technology in the wake of ongoing labour shortages and other market pressures. Lee Harney, senior vice-president of Moffatt & Powell in London, ON, says the “solutions will provide us far more advantages for our operations than just price changes. We see a significant opportunity in becoming more efficient with inventory, picking and putting away stock, geolocating products, and many other inventory management tools that will help with our customers' and employees' in-store experience."

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