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Jan 13, 2023

Screw Attaches Sheathing To Cold-Formed Steel

Simpson Strong-Tie’s Strong-Drive PPHD Sheathing-to-CFS (cold-formed steel) screw is a multi-purpose, self-drilling pilot point screw for sheathing-, drywall-, and subfloor-to CFS applications. Designed as an update to the existing PPSD Sheathing-to-CFS screw, the PPHD features a larger #5 pilot point with a longer flute and comes in #8 sizes. In addition, it has buttress threads and a dog-eared point for improved drilling performance through sheathing and metal. The screws are available in two levels of corrosion resistance. The Quik Guard coating is suitable for a wide variety of exterior applications and the yellow-zinc coating is for dry-service and low-corrosion environments.

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