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Sept 21, 2023

Simpson Strong-Tie introduces new heavy-duty stand-up driver

Simpson Strong-Tie has released a new structural fastening system for stand-up, semi-automatic operation while driving 3” to 6 ¼” structural screws. According to the company, the new driver is ideal for heavy-duty jobs that require repetitive fastening, including for decks, docks, and flooring, and for fastening metal straps to materials like engineered wood or mass timber panels. 


The Timber Drive structural fastening system has an ergonomic design, making it faster and easier to work with. It is engineered to drive large structural screws without requiring the operator to bend over, thus helping to lessen fatigue in the knees, back, and shoulders. 


“The Timber Drive fastening system provides a faster, easier way to work with less fatigue and is compatible with corded and cordless drivers using the Quik Drive G2 adapter,” said Andrew Brigham, group product manager at Simpson Strong-Tie. “And since the patent-pending, semi-automatic drop-feed loader works with structural screws featuring a wide variety of lengths, diameters, thread types and heads, Timber Drive provides greater stand-up fastening versatility than ever before.”

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