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Apr 11, 2023

Simpson Strong-Tie Launches Brace Connection

Simpson Strong-Tie is launching its Yield-Link brace connection (YLBC), part of a full suite of structural steel products and resilient building solutions. Along with the YLBC, the company is introducing the Yield-Link moment connection and Edge-Tie system for cladding connections. Together, these solutions provide fabricators, erectors, engineers, building owners, and contractors with a tested alternative for structural steel construction that features improved resiliency from wind and seismic events. The brace connection dissipates energy through a fuse connection, creating a resilient frame that protects beams, columns, and braces during extreme weather. Designed for simple incorporation into either new construction or retrofits, it requires no field welding, thus helping reduce testing and inspection costs. Recently re-engineered, the one-piece moment connection likewise requires no onsite welding of moment connections. Because they’re designed to absorb damage and are easy to replace, the connections also allow for less costly repairs and shorter recovery times after significant extreme weather events.

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