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Sept 15, 2022

Simpson Strong-Tie Participates In 3D Build

Simpson Strong-Tie is participating in the construction of a multi-story 3D printed house in the U.S. Design firm HANNAH, 3D construction printer PERI 3D Construction, and design-build firm CIVE, in collaboration with building industry partners, are printing the hybridized two-story single-family home that integrates customized architectural design and a resilient structural system. Based in Houston, TX, the 4,000-square-foot project showcases the possibilities of 3D printing technology, mass customization, and design solutions that integrate conventional construction methods. The hybridized construction method combines concrete 3D printing with wood framing, allowing the two material systems to be used strategically with the aim to increase the applicability of 3D printing in the U.S. The building design is conceptualized as a series of printed cores that contain functional spaces and stairs. The spatial cores are connected by wood framing to produce an architectural alternation of concrete and framed interiors. The project’s scalable design and construction process is applicable for multifamily housing and mixed-use construction. Using the COBOD BOD2 gantry printer, the project takes advantage of the printer’s modularity for its design layout.

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