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Dec 18, 2023

Six no-hassle hacks to spruce up holiday decoration storage

Professionals at Garage Living have provided tips for storing holiday decorations, as the holiday season nears its end:

  1. Maximize vertical space with overhead racks. – Overhead storage racks utilize vertical storage, keeping bulky items like artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and lights neatly stashed. This frees up valuable floor space for a smoother daily routine.

  2. Be selective about garage storage. – Sealing decorations in plastic containers and avoiding clear bins for light-sensitive items helps preserve stored decorations' integrity.

  3. Choose plastic over cardboard. – Opt for sturdy plastic storage bins instead of cardboard boxes, as plastic bins provide better protection, stack more securely and are moisture-resistant.

  4. Embrace organization with labels. – Simplify the unpacking process next holiday by using color-coded storage containers and ensuring each item is properly labeled.

  5. Use Near-field communication stickers on bins. – NFC tags are little chips that store data, and sticker versions are available for just a few cents apiece online. You can keep a detailed, itemized list (or photos) of everything in a storage box on a chip and stick it to the outside of your bin.

  6. Store artificial Christmas trees mindfully. – Store artificial Christmas trees in a proper plastic tree storage bag or bin with wheels for easy transport, and avoid leaving them uncovered in the garage.

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