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Nov 9, 2022

Strong Growth Forecast For PEX Pipe

Demand for PEX pipe is projected to rise 5.8 per cent annually to $3 billion in 2026. New and replacement potable water distribution is by far the largest market for PEX pipe. A small amount of this product is also utilized in sprinkler pipe for irrigation purposes. Some demand also exists for residential use and in the oil and natural gas market. Gains for the market will be fueled by its flexibility, which allows it to be run around walls or other obstructions, making it easy to install and thereby saving on labour costs. Additionally, increasing construction of single-family residences with multiple bathrooms will also accelerate growth with PEX most often specified for the associated distribution systems. Rising interest in installing radiant floor systems, which nearly always use PEX, will also drive gains. Demand for plastic pipe of all types is expected to rise 2.9 per cent annually to $19.6 billion in 2026, a significant deceleration from the 2016 to 2021 period due to a notable slowdown in price growth from a high 2021 level. Demand will be driven by installation of pipe in the potable water, conduit, DWV, and storm and sanitary sewer markets as well as by the increasing use of larger diameter plastic pipes in some applications.

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