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Jan 31, 2024

Study reveals game mechanics can drive employee engagement

Warehouse workers who play together, stay together, according to market study insights from Lucas Systems, a distribution centre technology company providing software to workers in more than 400 warehouses worldwide.

The study shows nearly 84 percent of workers are more likely to stay with a company that develops workplace competitions around their day-to-day tasks. Workers like gamifying their work; they embrace the benefits gamified teamwork could bring; and they are eager to participate if it means earning company recognition or prizes such as company merchandise.

"The results point to new and innovative ways for managers to attract and keep warehouse workers," says Bud Leeper Lucas Systems’ chief people officer. "Employee engagement comes from good relationships, recognition, satisfaction of achievement, and having some fun – all which can be enhanced through workforce gamification."

He says now is a good time to implement warehouse gamification as 98 percent of workers (regardless of age) have some experience with game mechanics at work and 94 percent already participate in games in their personal lives. Gamification can be a differentiator for employers looking to fill warehouse worker job openings.

The study also shows workers like to compete as a team, as it puts less pressure on individual performance. Top motivations include strengthening the team (57 percent), the opportunity to engage with more co-workers (55 percent), and learning from teammates (53 percent).

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