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Apr 29, 2024

Tepperman’s opens St. Catharines store

Tepperman's, a Canadian family-owned home furnishing retailer with a history spanning over 99 years, is opening its newest store in St. Catharines, ON. The grand opening set for May 3 will mark the company’s seventh store in southwestern Ontario.

The store, equipped with a 44,000-square-foot showroom, will feature complete lifestyle vignettes, bright LED and natural lighting, defined aisles for easy navigation, a designated kid's area, and a café area offering customers free coffee and popcorn. It will feature a natural 60-square-foot indoor garden, equipped with a variety of air-purifying tropical plants and lit with grow lights. The installation of 94 solar panels will offset a portion of the store's total energy consumption. EV charging stations will also be available.

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