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May 22, 2024

Trane Technologies launches new product portfolio

Trane Technologies has launched its new residential product portfolio with innovative design upgrades to its highly efficient heat pumps and air conditioners, including next-generation refrigerant with 78 percent less global warming potential (GWP). Designed for even higher efficiency, the company’s re-engineered products will enable homeowners to meet their heating and cooling needs while reducing their energy costs and carbon footprints.

Enhancements to the product portfolio include:

  • Next-Generation, Low-GWP Refrigerant – More sustainable, environmentally conscious R-454B refrigerant and Refrigerant Detection System technology with factory-installed sensors and mitigation panels to ensure safety.

  • Industry-Unique Energy Efficiency Upgrades – One-of-a-kind variable speed systems that automatically adjust to more than 700 speeds based on real-time demands, enabling maximum energy efficiency, cost savings and comfort.

  • Smart Systems – Connected technology, including Trane® Link and the Trane Home app, enabling comprehensive, real-time diagnostics, ease of install and the potential for up to 5 percent additional energy savings.

Ahead of federal regulations and deploying a phased approach throughout 2024, beginning with the company’s 15 SEER2 heat pump, Trane Technologies will transition most of its residential products from R-410A to R-454B – with all units exceeding safety standards.

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