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Aug 18, 2022

Trex Enlists Recycling Partners

Trex Company, a manufacturer of high-performance, wood-alternative decking and railing, is enlisting communities and organizations to partner in its recycling efforts. Its ‘NexTrex Grassroots Movement’ provides a turnkey framework for municipalities, universities, non-profits, and other qualifying businesses to serve as centralized drop-off locations for recycling polyethylene plastic film while earning funds for their organizations. The movement is an expansion of its NexTrex recycling program, a U.S. material sourcing initiative for Trex, which manufactures its composite decking from 95 per cent reclaimed material including a mix of industrial wood scrap and recycled polyethylene plastic film. A large portion of the plastic film used comes from a network of more than 32,000 grocery stores and retail partners who work with it to responsibly recycle commercial, industrial, and post-consumer plastic film collected through warehouse and front-of-house collection. The new program extends the benefits of this recycling to business and organizations that may not meet the volume criteria for the company’s commercial recycling program.

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