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Apr 15, 2024

Walmart Canada opens upgraded Square One store

Walmart Canada has re-opened its Square One Walmart Supercentre in Mississauga, ON. This store was one of the first 122 Walmart stores to open in Canada when the retailer expanded north of the border in 1994.

The Square One store will be a flagship location. It is the largest store by square foot at approximately 223,000 square feet and reflects one of the largest capital investments made by the retailer in a single store.

The updated store will enable continued growth and exploration in omnichannel retail innovation for Walmart Canada to test new technologies and concepts and learn from customers and associates as it continues to modernize its retail operations.

The store features updated lighting, new signage, and digital wayfinding as well as immersive retail experiences to enhance in-store shopping and help customers embrace Walmart's ‘endless aisle.’ Plus, the store will feature an in-store pickup kiosk to allow customers without a vehicle to enjoy Walmart's pickup service, catering to the local demographics.

The store is also beta testing its SmartShelf Platform, a patent-pending platform that features an LCD screen at each shelf on a 28-foot fixture, connecting the world of physical and digital shopping by allowing customers to see ratings and reviews for products and experience greater visibility for promotions and discounts. Plus, it allows automation and streamlining for associate tasks like price changes, modular changes, and stocking. 

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