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Apr 17, 2024

Whirlpool introduces empathy-first approach

Whirlpool Brand is collaborating with Magnusmode to celebrate year three of their partnership with the implementation of new disability inclusion training for Whirlpool retail sales associates.

Through this offering, retail sales associates will be taught about how leveraging technology can help autistic and neurodivergent people gain independence in their daily lives through the ‘Disability Empathy Training Module.’

The module equips trainees with the necessary tools to create an inclusive environment, understand the needs of neurodivergent customers, employ active listening techniques, and implement effective communication strategies, while also providing examples of harmful and inclusive language and unconscious bias. The course also features interviews with individuals with various disabilities that provide real-life examples to illustrate course concepts.

The training module will be tailored to retail locations, identifying unique barriers to inclusion in various retail environments. Magnusmode will be responsible for oversight and management of the project from start to finish, including development and design required for the implementation process. Upon completion, a custom-designed course completion badge will be provided to all trainees to build pride and employee engagement around accessibility.

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