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Jan 2, 2024

Worker happiness dwindles as the new year looms

December had an overall decrease in satisfaction for workers across Canada, says ADP Canada in its Happiness@Work Index. The index shows workers feel optimistic when in comes to their workload heading into 2024, but less when it comes to their compensation. Boomers (6.9/10) continue to hold the top spot as the happiest generation for the eleventh consecutive month, while British-Columbia rejoins Quebec (6.9/10) as the happiest regions in Canada.  

The National Work Happiness Score for December 2023 is 6.6/10, representing a decrease of 0.2 points from November. 

"While a new year can pose many uncertainties for workers whether it's concerns around budget cuts or career advancements, a good employer can help dispel these fears," says Heather Haslam, vice-president of marketing, ADP Canada. "In communicating transparently, as well as providing support in and outside of the workplace, it offers employees a sense of security and reassurance which can help develop a more positive outlook as we transition into the new year." 

The December Index shows that the primary indicator of worker happiness also decreased to 6.8/10, -0.2 points from November, with less than half (44%) of workers in Canada feeling satisfied with their current role and responsibilities. The top secondary indicator continues to be work-life balance and flexibility (6.7/10); however it's the lowest recorded score since January 2023. Additionally, recognition and support also record the lowest score to date since the induction of the Index. 

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