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Sept 8, 2022

WORX Adds Gutterpro Attachment

WORX has bundled its 20V Leafjet Blower and Gutterpro Attachment. Leafjet enables homeowners to switch between high air speed and volume for various applications. The Gutterpro attachment helps remove leaves and other debris from gutters while the user stands on solid ground. The blower combines the benefits of speed and air volume, while driving both with an inline brushless motor. It runs cooler with less friction and heat buildup than conventional motors with brushes. The unit offers two modes. The high-speed mode can be used to dislodge leaves and debris from grass or shrubs. The high-volume mode is ideal for hard surfaces and clearing large, open areas. The blower also has two speed options for added control in both tight spaces and large areas. It comes with an adapter to connect it right to the main tube of the Leafjet. It reaches up to 11 feet over the top of the gutter.

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