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Jun 10, 2024

Year-round efforts needed for genuine LGBTQ+ workplace inclusion, experts say

During Pride Month, many companies celebrate the LGBTQ+ community, but fostering true inclusion requires year-round efforts. In a McKinsey Talks Talent podcast, experts Diana Ellsworth, Bryan Hancock, and Bill Schaninger discuss the workplace experiences of LGBTQ+ employees and practical steps for improvement.


Ellsworth notes that LGBTQ+ employees often face microaggressions and feel underrepresented, especially at senior levels. Transgender employees face the highest barriers, frequently encountering discriminatory jokes and feeling unable to discuss their lives openly.


Ellsworth emphasizes the importance of inclusive language and visible allyship, which positively impact LGBTQ+ employees. Companies must prioritize year-round strategies to create genuinely inclusive environments, as these efforts signal respect and support, enhancing workplace experiences and retention.

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