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Oct 11, 2022

Younger Generations Want Quality Outdoor Equipment

The majority of homeowners prioritize their lawn and garden equipment as much as recreational items such as golf clubs, bicycles, or exercise equipment, says a survey from Stanley Black & Decker. Seven in 10 homeowners say they enjoy the time they spend caring for their yard, with nearly 60 per cent of Gen Z and Millennial homeowners saying they will buy the best quality outdoor power equipment, even if it costs more. More than 35 per cent of Millennials who own electric-powered outdoor lawn and garden equipment cite environmental sustainability as a key reason they chose that equipment. As for Millennial homeowners, 58 per cent who own electric powered outdoor lawn and garden tools say that ease of operation was a key differentiator versus gas powered equipment. A whopping 85 per cent of Gen Z homeowners currently own electric outdoor equipment or say they have considered switching to electric outdoor equipment, indicating that younger generations of soon-to-be homeowners will increasingly turn to high quality electric powered equipment to fit their needs. While a sizeable portion of homeowners still use all gas-powered equipment or a combination of both gas and electric, the appeal of improved battery life, the lower cost of switching to electric, and increased performance resonate the most to homeowners, says the survey.

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