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Feb 24, 2023

ZS2 Technologies Gets Government Grant

Building material technology company ZS2 Technologies will receive a $2.6 million grant from Sustainable Development and Technology Canada (SDTC) to develop direct air capture technology which permanently sequesters CO2 from the atmosphere into high performance cement building materials. Traditional cement production has a huge environmental impact when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. ZS2 Technologies uses waste products from extractive industries as feedstock for a cement alternative. It will capture CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester in cement building materials – like tiles, cement board, and cladding – using raw materials provided by its research partners Baymag Inc. and Progressive Planet Solutions Inc. The pilot plant will be operational this spring and will produce magnesium cement building materials with 10 per cent of their weight comprised of sequestered CO2. Currently ZS2 manufactures high performance building envelopes for customers across North America from its manufacturing facility in Calgary, AB.

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