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October 2022 Design Pulse:
Five Hot Kitchen Trends

November 16, 2022

Author: Anja Seng, Senior Research Analyst, New Home Trends Institute

Trend 1: Eat-In Kitchen As A Space Saver


Eighty-five per cent of homeowners would consider island seating in lieu of separate dining space in the kitchen.1 We’re seeing designers incorporate enhanced island dining into both attainable homes (to save space) and luxury homes (as an option). Contour (seen above) offers the space-saving, drop-down island standard in their 1,414-square-foot Plan 1. Bringing the lower level to chair height makes island dining feel casual and comfortable.

Trend 2: White With Bold Accents


Don’t say goodbye to white kitchens just yet. Bolder designs are trending, but if homeowners were given the choice to remodel, white is still the most desired colour palette for its practicality and ability to withstand the test of time. Designers are upping the ‘boldness’ factor with colourful accents, statement lighting, and playful tile.

Trend 3: Shades Of Blue


Despite the continued preference for white in the kitchen, designers are reporting a growing desire for bolder styles. To avoid hurting the longevity of the design, consider incorporating colour into easier-to-swap areas like painting the island or lower cabinetry (versus full cabinetry). If you’re building production homes, be cautious with how bold you go. When introducing colour, blue is a safer bet. As seen here, certain shades of blue can be considered a neutral, while still adding a touch of fun.

Trend 5: Quartz


Quartz is the material of choice right now. According to John Burns Real Estate Consulting’s Kitchen and Bath Market Index, almost half of industry professionals report seeing quartz increase in popularity among consumers in 2022 versus in 2021.3 As an engineered stone, quartz does not need to be sealed, unlike porous surfaces like marble or granite. Engineered stones also allow for a broader selection of colours and patterns, making it easier to achieve stylistic preferences like a bright, white kitchen.


Anja Seng is senior research analyst with New Home Trends Institute (NHTI).


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This article was originally published by New Home Trends Institute in October 2022, and is reprinted with permission.

Trend 4: Conceal Clutter With Better Kitchen Storage


Consumers rate kitchens as the number one space in the home to design right, with insufficient storage being the primary pain point.2 While open shelving may look nice for displaying decor, it takes precious space away from closed cabinetry that can conceal clutter. Before considering open shelving, be sure to have sufficient cabinetry on the walls, within the island, or even extend into the dining area like at Carmel Cliff.

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